In mid-October, advocates for social and environmental justice gathered at Attucks Park to commemorate men impacted by the former Koppers wood-treating plant with an honorable monument showcasing their hardwork.  Koppers allegdely caused environmental pollution by contaminating soil and water systems near a predominantly black community that the facility mostly employed during its operation from 1902Continue reading “MONUMENT UNVEILING REMEMBERS THOSE IMPACTED BY KOPPERS”


KOPPERS NAMED ONE OF AMERICA’S MOST RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES, RESIDENTS SAY ITS A JOKE Statista and Newsweek magazine assessed corporations across the country for their second annual list of America’s most responsible companies, honoring Koppers, and some residents are not happy.  For almost a century, the land located where the former Koppers wood-treating plant once operatedContinue reading “CHAPTER 7”


RELATIVES THINK A CANCER CLUSTER IN THEIR FAMILY IS CAUSED BY PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO KOPPERS POLLUTION   On the verge of the Great Depression, Fredrick Tisdale, one of the only black farmers in Carbondale, Il., moved north of the former Koppers Inc. wood-treating plant to start a family and plant roots in the town. Mr.Continue reading “CHAPTER 3”


COMMUNITY SUSPICIOUS OF LATEST CLEANUP, FRUSTRATION CONTINUES Northeast community members continue to mistrust waste cleanups near their homes by a chemical manufacturing company and oversight of government entities following historically unsafe handling.   Koppers Incorporated., located in Carbondale, Illinois, serviced the Illinois Railroad system and employed a predominantly African American workforce until its closure in 1991Continue reading “CHAPTER 2”