Pending, decided, or settled lawsuits against Koppers/Beazer East Inc. across the U.S.
The cases displayed in this map are mostly environmental damage or suffering to people or their property by being exposed to toxic cancer-causing chemicals.
Koppers/Beazer Inc. also a civil case against the company alleging violations, for example, of Civil Rights Act of 1964 from a former African-American employee regarding race and gender discrimination.
Other cases against Koppers including plant managers alleged misconduct, for example, operating a company vehicle under alcohol influence in Mary Jane Phillips v. Paul Beswick and Koppers, Inc.
Also, there are some lawsuits against Koppers Inc. for the chemically treated products they guaranteed would prevent rot and fungus, but destroyed complaints property.
Other lawsuits filed against Koppers/Beazer East Inc. include personal injury to person on the job regarding chemical exposure leading to cancer-related disease.
Also, liability disputes were mitigated against Koppers regarding environmental cleanups after breach of chemicals onto land property owned by manufacturing companies, formerly owned by Koppers Inc.
Toxic waste and industrial plant sites across the United States owned by Koppers/Beazer East
The Koppers/Beazer global headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in North America. These plant/site locations include carbon materials, chemicals, railroad and utility products and services, and industrial products. For more information visit the Koppers Inc. website at
  • Valdosta Plant – Valdosta, Georgia
  • Sweetwater Plant – Sweetwater, Tennessee
  • Newsoms Plant – Newsoms, Virginia
  • Leland Plant, Leland, North Carolina
  • Hainesport, Plant – Hainesport, New Jersey
  • Fulton Plant – Fulton, Alabama
  • Eutawville Plant – Eutawville, South Carolina
  • Blackstone Plant – Blackstone, Virginia
  • Vidalia Plant – Vidalia, Georgia
  • Vance Plant – Vance, Alabama
  • Somerville Plant – Somerville, Texas
  • Roanoke Plant – Roanoke, Virginia
  • North Little Rock Plant – North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Huntington Plant- Huntington, West Virginia
  • Florence Plant – Florence, South Carolina
  • Denver Plant -Denver, Colorado
  • Rock Hill Plant – Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • Stickney Plant – Stickney, Illinois
  • Millington Plant – Millington, Tennessee
  • Hubbell Plant – Hubbell, Michigan